Creative Design & Engineering offers a wide spectrum of services. Having supplied equipment to many different industries also provides a wealth of crossover knowledge that may be creatively applied to other industries.


Design & Engineering

All of our projects are overseen by a licensed Professional Engineer. We keep our designs practical since we believe a “good” design can only be determined by having engineers, themselves, assemble their own creation. We use CAD solid modeling for our designs and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is available for stress, deflection, vibrations, heat transfer, and fluid flow problems.


State of the art manufacturing methods are used to create the most accurate and cost effective parts. Parts may be created using CNC machining, water jet, or plasma cutting. MIG and TIG welding methods are used for joining.

Controls & Integration

Electrical panels are designed and engineered to control the function of machines. The machine’s function might require a simple micro PLC all the way up to robotic control.