Pre-salted, cooked, and stretched pasta filata cheese is dropped into the machine where it is subdivided into layers less than 1” (25mm) thick. These layers are pulled thru the machine via pairs of cooling belts. The cooled layers are then re-assembled into a continuous block shape. The block is then cut to desired length/weight. The block is now ready for immediate packaging. Benefits include drastically reduced cooling time, minimal exposure to the environment, even and consistent salt distribution throughout the block cross-section, and elimination of the brining process entirely


What is a brineless molder?
Brineless molders are our that is changing the cheese making industry.
What is the maximum block length?
Block lengths can be produced in any length you desire.
How long do blocks take to cool?
Any block size is cool to the core within 10 minutes.
How much cheese is left in machine after a run?
Absolutely none.


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