Blue cheese loaves or wheels are placed into the machine. Piercing needles with “bugle”-shaped tips are pushed into the cheese in a pattern suitable for the product. Cheese is pierced from both sides in succession so that cracking is minimized.


Why do your needles have the “bugle”-shaped tip?
The bugle shape pushes a plug into the cheese due to its blunt shape. This keeps the formed hole open after the needle is extracted so air can more easily enter the cheese. A typical pointed needle tends to wedge the cheese open and create cracks. The hole also tends to close after the needle is pulled out.
How difficult is it to clean the machine?
All needles are loose and easily removed for cleaning.
What keeps the needles from bending?
The needles are guided by a plastic plate to prevent buckling. They are also made from a proprietary, heat treated stainless steel. This steel type is extremely difficult to bend BUT will also not fracture so broken needles will not end up in your finished product.

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